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A Public, Cross-Platform DSP API?

Porting DSP code to take advantage of platform-specific ‘native’ DSP libraries is a pain. Surely there’s a better way. Over the years, I’ve worked on DSP projects for many different platforms. As much as possible I try to find a … Continue reading

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Using Apple’s vDSP/Accelerate FFT

If you want to write code for signal processing on the Mac or iOS, you really should take advantage of Apple’s Accelerate framework. It provides an extensive library of highly optimized mathematical functions suitable for a wide range of signal processing … Continue reading

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Playing background audio in iOS app

One of the most frequent requests I get for my AudioStretch for iOS app is the ability to continue playing when the phone is locked.  For some users it’s because their phone auto-locks after a minute or two; if you’re playing along … Continue reading

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AudioStretch for iPhone

I’m happy to report that AudioStretch for iOS is now available on the iOS App Store! It’s a really handy tool for musicians learning music by ear, e.g. for slowing down guitar solos so you can more easily identify all … Continue reading

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