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I'm a Singapore-based Canadian software engineer, inventor, musician, and occasional triathlete. My current work and projects mainly involve audio technology for the web and iOS. I'm the author of AudioStretch, an audio time-stretching/pitch-shifting app for musicians. Past jobs have included writing speech recognition software for Apple, creating automatic video editing software for muvee, and designing ASICs for Nortel. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) from Queen's University and a Master of Arts in Electroacoustic Music from Dartmouth College.

Rethinking the Design of Wind Controllers

A work colleague was talking about his Yamaha WX7 today, and it reminded me of a project I did at Dartmouth College 25 years ago. For my Masters thesis project, I designed and built a wind controller. Rather than use … Continue reading

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The Future of Music Distribution, as Predicted in 1989

I’ve been a Spotify user for a couple of years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much music is available on the service. There are some notable absences, of course – the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Neil Young, anything … Continue reading

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Bandlimited Audio Resampling

For years, whenever I wanted to resample an audio signal, for example to play it faster and at a higher pitch, I used simple linear interpolation. From a theoretical point of view, linear interpolation is pretty awful, but in practice … Continue reading

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Jordan Rudess is a fan!

Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater‘s extraordinary keyboard player, is a big fan of AudioStretch. He’s made it his “Featured App of the Week“, and did a nice YouTube demo. Thanks Jordan!

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AudioStretch now supports Audiobus!

I’m happy to report that AudioStretch now supports Audiobus. Audiobus is the de-facto standard on iOS for sending audio from one app to another. It’s in version 3.6, which was released to the iOS App Store just minutes ago. (Note that … Continue reading

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AudioStretch ad in Guitar Techniques Magazine

I’m really excited to have a quarter-page ad running in the next three issue of UK-based Guitar Techniques magazine, starting with issue 237 (December 2014) which should appear on newsstands any day now. The ad concept and design are by … Continue reading

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AudioStretch: “One Of The Essential Music Apps”

Nice video review of my app, AudioStretch for iOS.

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