Eulogy for Skeumorphism

Lovely bit of writing: “A Eulogy for Skeumorphism” by Claire Evans.  Definitely worth a read, especially as Apple’s iOS 7 and Microsoft Windows 8 propel us into into a new world of non-skeumorphic user interfaces.

My favourite line: “As we employ the desktop metaphors, ubiquitously and unthinkingly, we incant the past”.

Personally I believe that elements of skeumorphism that are now being sent to the great bit-bucket in the sky will reappear in due course.  Even digital natives grow up in the physical world, so physically-inspired design elements like visible affordances and shadows simply make sense.

Despite the current shift away from skeumorphism, smart user interface designers will gradually slip in those aspects of skeumorphism that work, while tossing out the gaudy excesses which Apple in particular did so much to promote.


About Gerry Beauregard

I'm a Singapore-based Canadian software engineer, inventor, musician, and occasional triathlete. My current work and projects mainly involve audio technology for the web and iOS. I'm the author of AudioStretch, an audio time-stretching/pitch-shifting app for musicians. Past jobs have included writing speech recognition software for Apple, creating automatic video editing software for muvee, and designing ASICs for Nortel. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) from Queen's University and a Master of Arts in Electroacoustic Music from Dartmouth College.
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