Flash simulation of AudioStretch for iOS

At the moment, there’s no free version of AudioStretch for iOS.  I used to have a free download with a two-minute time-limit that could be removed via an in-app purchase, but I found that approach was problematic for a bunch of reasons I won’t get into here. I ended up switching to a regular paid app: you pay once to install.

Unfortunately this switch meant that few people could no longer try the app before buying.  In an attempt to partially address that, I’ve created a simulation of the iOS app entirely in Flash which runs in the browser of any reasonably fast PC or Mac. It looks like the real iOS version, and implements a lot of the essential features of the real thing.  It even has the LiveScrub™ waveform dragging feature.

It not as good as the real app of course. For one thing, in Flash the audio output has considerable latency, which means that there’s a fair bit of delay between actions (for example hitting the play button) and when sound actually starts going out the speakers. The latency is not too bad on Mac; on Windows it can be substantial.  On iOS, there’s basically no noticeable latency – you drag the waveform, and it plays perfectly in sync.  Another big difference is file formats – the Flash version only supports mp3 files (which must be on your local drive), whereas the iOS app can handle pretty much anything iTunes can – wav, aiff, mp3, m4a/aac.  And finally, there are loads of features in the iOS version that are not in the Flash version, notably the keyboard/spectrum display.

Despite these limitations, I hope you’ll find it pretty cool 😉


About Gerry Beauregard

I'm a Singapore-based Canadian software engineer, inventor, musician, and occasional triathlete. My current work and projects mainly involve audio technology for the web and iOS. I'm the author of AudioStretch, an audio time-stretching/pitch-shifting app for musicians. Past jobs have included writing speech recognition software for Apple, creating automatic video editing software for muvee, and designing ASICs for Nortel. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) from Queen's University and a Master of Arts in Electroacoustic Music from Dartmouth College.
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1 Response to Flash simulation of AudioStretch for iOS

  1. vamapaull says:

    The Flash version looks and works pretty good too!

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